To chino or not to chino

Posted on April 15, 2010


There was a time when the chino was the trendiest thing a man could wear. The baggy khaki
trouser screamed that despite appearances, the wearer was only nodding to “The Man’s” requirement
that he be dress up for an occasion, and that he was really a boyish follower of fashion underneath.
Look closer and you’d usually see the one gold stud in the singly pierced ear, to ram home the
message that hey, this dude was cool.

Yet now the chino is back. More lightweight than a suit, and less high maintenance than linen, it straddles the smart/casual divide perfectly, and is gaining some momentum as a mini fashion movement. Do wear it for a summer evening when you can roll up your shirt sleeves and drink Pimms appropriately, and do make sure your shoes are brown. Don’t, however, accessorise with a black leather bomber jacket and short spiky crew cut.

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