How to polish your shoe to perfection

Posted on April 15, 2010


All good programmes come with twelve steps, and stopping your shoes from looking scuffed is no different.

1 Wipe the dust off the shoes with a damp cloth

2 Using a soft cotton cloth, or fine natural bristle brush, apply the polish to the shoe

3 Use small circular movements to evenly cover the shoe – the key being to not use too much polish but to build the shine up in thin layers.

4 Make sure the polish has reached every little corner and seam of the shoe

5 Leave the shoe somewhere warm for a couple of minutes, so that it can absorb the polish. By a radiator is good, but don’t forget the put newspaper under them.

6 Using a hand spray water mister, spray the entire shoe until covered in tiny droplets of water. Then polish the shoe dry with the cloth or brush you used in step 2

7 Repeat steps 2-6 until you have the level of shine you want, or until you get so bored so simply can’t face doing it anymore

8 Always keep the polish damp, or it will dry out and not take to the shoe

9 Once you can see your face in them, lightly buff the shoes with a cotton cloth

10 Once the shoes have dried, use some fine women’s stockings to even the polish out and heighten the shine

11 Leave the shoes in a cold room to dry

12 Wear them out and marvel at how more like a gentleman you feel. A little bit (or in this case, a lot) of buffing goes a long way

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