Does ironing your pants make a difference?

Posted on April 15, 2010


A tightly starched shirt. A pair of crisp linen trousers. A washboard-stiff collar. These all make sense when trying to portray an image of yourself as perfectly presentable gentleman. Ironing your underwear, however, puts the “why?” into Y-fronts and implies that if you have time enough in your day to bother, surely there is nobody else to even see them.

It’s not like freshly-pressed pants feel any different anyway. Take the challenge by putting on some drawers straight from your drawers and walk around in them for the day. The following morning, steam up your iron and watch your life ebb away as you struggle to press into each little corner of your boxer. Now wear them for the day. You won’t notice anything – other than how you had to get up five minutes earlier to complete this arduous task. Avoid this foray into fastidiousness. To put it simply, the notion of ironing your underwear is pants.

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